How to prolong the vaselife of roses

Rose is very finicky and capricious being the "queen of flowers". But if you know and stick to simple rules for care of roses, they will please you for a long time and stay fresh in a vase.

1. Before you buy roses, pay attention to the bud and leaves – core and seeds shall not be visible in the fresh roses, leaves will be fresh;

2. Vase must be clean, it is preferably to wash it using chlorinated detergent;

3. Stems to be submerged in water should be free from leaves;

4. Before putting a bouquet in water, trim the stems and repeat this procedure every day;

5. Water should be poured of tap (in any case of the pump-room). The fact that the main reason for "doom" of the flowers is microbes that prevents a rose from "drinking" the water. You can add a little bit of chlorine in the water, or one tablet of aspirin;

6. Remember that a spray rose drinks more water than usual rose and requires more attentive care;

7. Roses will stand for longer if you put them in a cool place (away from the heating system). Optimum storage temperature is from + 5°C to + 20°C;

8. It is not good to put a rose in a draught or near an open window;

9. At temperature below 0°C a bouquet should be tightly wrapped;

10. Besides, there are special tools that help you to "kill" germs in the water and help to keep the rose fresh for a long time, for example, Chrysal.

Decorate your life with roses!