Flowers occupy all but the most important role in the decoration of special events.

Maria Borovenska has made herself familiar with the elegant symbolism.

With my exciting profession, I have been lucky to see plenty of variants of decorations for the festive occasions. During wedding ceremonies, both Ukrainian and foreign, I like to observe and admire this important event venue exquisite decoration. Among the variety of materials, without bending to the fashion or the spirit of the era, the most luxurious decoration of the venue is considered to be, of course, decoration with natural flowers.

Flower catalogues of the best floral salons offer dazzling designs with combination and variety of live plants. And the more important the festive event is, the harder it is to chose the dominant flower.

Eternal traditions, beauty and elegance... All this describes the most famous among the flowers — the rose, praised in many classic masterpieces of the world: Shakespeare and Dante, Heine and Goethe. Like no other flower, the rose serves as the best description of the word “tradition”.

Rose decor came over from the previous season. The world designers recognised it the most romantic, elegant and classic flower.

Rose tandem wedding decor
Roses are the essential part, first of all, of the offsite ceremony design. As to the arch, these elegant varieties suit the best to create the original shapes, which are popular this year: Avalanche, Ilios or Prestige. Lusher shapes and light constructions may be designed with the stylish varieties of Jane Austen and Lady Bombastik. More often, the standard path to the arch is covered with the incredible rose petals patterns.

As to the colour, this year trend in wedding floristry is the “dazzling orchidenia” (a gentle combination of silver and violet). Fortunately, this colour is often found in the elite varieties of roses. It is the best to combine with the shades of white, fuchsia and even powder shades.



A proper bouquet
In pursuit of the perfect wedding bouquet, the florists offer even more daring solutions, new shapes and unusual combinations of colours. Nosegay shape of the wedding bouquet gradually becomes less popular. It is a globe-shaped compact bouquet, the main feature of which is a distinct silhouette: the flower stems are cut abreast and firmly tied with a satin ribbon. Though even a classic variant may be made interesting with the choice of noble flowers, such as David Austin roses, combined with a sophisticated minimalist decor and velvet ribbons, which are in fashion in this season.

The main wedding trend of 2014 is a combination of various components in a bouquet. Multicomponent David Austin lush bouquets, lightly tied with a ribbon, are still in fashion, the rustic style remains relevant. The hit of the weddings are the bouquets with seemingly incompatible components, such as roses and lavender, and the most daring brides add wheat and even fresh berries to their compositions. The main thing is that the bouquet palette should be in harmony with the general concept of the wedding. Wedding photos look especially bright with the bridesmaids choosing tiny monobouquets of roses, which dominate in the bride's bouquet.

By the way, decorating hair with flowers is quite popular this year, so the lush roses go into the bride's hairstyle as well. And the boutonnieres for the groom and his friends are better to be composed of flowers, which create a tout ensemble with the bride's bouquet. The best-suited small buds varieties are Snowflake or Hot Bubbles.

Bridesmaids' bracelets (or corsage) are selected to match the colour of witnesses' boutonnieres. They are also better to be composed of roses with small or flat buds.

The venue
Among the unusual venue designs you may find ceilings of roses in the shape of a tent, which add magical inspiration to the event more often. For banquet or buffet table compositions the trend in this season is to gather flowers in high vases, combined with natural materials: tree branches, berries, moss.

Wedding decor with roses and other decorative elements — candles, frames, mirrors — looks also interesting.

As wedding host, I like to use roses and petals in various combinations for competitions in my entertainment programme. It gives the event a shade of romance and creates a spirit of times of knights and beautiful princesses.



A bachelorette party to remember
Natural flower wreath is a popular hairstyle decoration for the happy heroines of the occasion. Elegant lush varieties of roses suit here. By the way, the use of a natural flower wreath at a bachelorette party (divych-vechir) is an ancient Ukrainian tradition, not American!

Memorable evening city tour in a luxury limousine is an integral part of the fabulous bachelorette party. The doors also may be decorated with nice rosebuds combined with ribbons.






Family dinner
The festive table for the merry event is better to be decorated with low stem flowers, so the composition does not hinder the warm communication between the invited guests, Talea or Wow roses will look harmonious on the table.

There is no place for formalities in such celebration format as a family dinner, so the decor allows and needs some experiment! Such styles as bohemian, chevron and ecostyle are leaders among the popular styles of festive decor.

Roses will suit these styles in case there is a colour harmony of flowers and other decorative elements, demanded by the style. Roses also look good with light installations and design lights of various shapes, which are this year trend, and with other plant elements of decor: autumn leaves, berries and fruit.

Quite interesting is a combination of roses with textile decor elements: lace or velvet, which have recently came in fashion.

Best of the roses is that they come in many colours and are easy to combine in popular in this season floral composition “Ombre” (gradient transition from darker to lighter roses). Roses should not be combined with garden or wild flowers, which gained as much popularity in this season, since it will make such an elegant and luxurious flower simple.

Also it is worth to remember the traditional supplements of the festive table with candles and fresh rose petals looking elegant among them.

Do not be afraid to experiment, choose what is really to your liking, because happy and smiling guests are the trend that never goes out of fashion, and let the beauty of roses help you create the unforgettable atmosphere and decor of your special celebration!