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The real holiday begins from the mood and beauty. Each person has his / her own ideas about the beauty, but hardly anyone would argue that flowers are one of the most beautiful things in the world. That’s why the floral design is widely used in the various corporate events.

The design of corporate events means much, especially because the employees and the partner will judge the company by the way of decoration of the company’s holiday.

Rose is considered as "Queen of Flowers". Roses are suitable for any celebration – they will decorate any event, will help in creating the right atmosphere – from the solemnity of corporate anniversary to a relaxed fun of the New Year's holiday.

The Ascania-Flora Company is the largest producer of roses in Ukraine. We provide you with roses in a large quantity and variety (35 varieties of roses).

Corporate events are different and require an individual approach, a special combination of varieties of roses and colors. Our professional florists will help you in this case.

You can order roses in the number of 1,000 stems, petals, and decoration services, having filled out the form or contacted our manager.

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